Landholders helping Swift Parrots

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STEADY GROWTH: The Swift Parrot, which has been observed in increased numbers on Creighton’s Hill and properties surrounding that property just outside Euroa. PHOTO: Chris Tzaros (Birds Bush and Beyond

RECENTLY recorded observations at Creighton Hills just outside Euroa is showing the steady growth of one of Australia’s most endangered species of parrot.
Dr James Fitzsimons, who is the owner of the 129 hectare woodland at Creighton Hills, recently recorded 40 Swift Parrots on June 7 and 15 birds on June 12, while an observation at the site recorded on the birding-recording database ‘e-bird’ noted 80 parrots on the site on June 4.
“One of my friends sent me a text to say that there’d been a report of 80 odd Swift Parrots a couple of days before we got there and so I went to that site and had a look and indeed about a quarter past four that afternoon, he had a flock come in looking for food.” Dr Fitzsimons said.

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