Laura Binks – learning about leadership

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LEADING OPPORTUNITIES: Local architect Laura Binks says she is learning a lot from her participation in the Fairley Leadership Program.

THE qualities of a great leader are fostered from the great voices that surround them, and while there are great personal qualities an individual has – it is the community spirit that spurs good leaders on.
Local resident and architect Laura Binks believes that type of mindset outlines good leaders in local communities, and the ability to work with a group of people committed to something is crucial, something that she has learned during her time with the Fairley Leadership Program (FLP) for 2020.
“It’s very much about leading to allow others in your team to become leaders so that you are not alone out there and you utilise your skills to lift other people up, plus I would say that honesty is crucial in a leader… and not trying to overstate what you don’t know,” Ms Binks said.

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