Masked evaders of COVID-19

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COVID-19 FASHION: Staff at Euroa Health (from left) Lee Simpson, Bronwyn Hill and Wadin Caneda parade the latest in coronavirus fashions with full face masks and scrub gowns.

CARING for the community and the aged came easily and swiftly for the staff at Euroa Health and with the help of local Rotarians and the ‘Sewing Angels’ became even better.
When Euroa Health were forced to go into lockdown for its Granite Hill Aged Care facility and health services it was also realised that staff had to be protected as well as the residents, and for their protection against COVID-19, further personal protective equipment (PPE) would be required.
That’s when Euroa’s Rotarians came into play donating 120 full face masks (meaning one for each staff member) was funded by the club at a cost of around $650.

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