In a time of two golf clubs

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FROM GOLF TO CROQUET: The Euroa Golf Club clubhouse was moved to be used as the Croquet Club clubhouse in 1951. The clubhouse remains to be used for croquet competitions to this day.

THERE is still no golf being played at the Euroa Golf Club which is difficult for some but the current health directives are aimed at keeping people at home and not giving an excuse to go out, that’s why gyms, golf courses and other forms of recreation are currently closed.

We also need to remember that many of our members are in the vulnerable age group so this ban is reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Let’s go back in time (if this was on TV, the screen would go all wavy now) to the 1930s and ‘40s and golf in Euroa.About now members would be preparing their course and getting ready for the golf season to start which was after the first decent rains of autumn.

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