Safeguards in place for Nagambie

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Dr Abdul Atif of the Nagambie Medical Centre.

THE worldwide coronavirus is causing challenging and unpredictable times.

How does it affect locals in Nagambie? Is the common sense approach standing the test or are locals not concerned as they feel they are too far away from the epicentres or cases in Melbourne?The Gazette spoke to Nagambie Medical Centre’s Principal Provider Dr Abdul Atif and Nagambie Healthcare’s (NHC) Chief Executive Officer, Bronwyn Beadle last week about the safeguards the Medical Centre and Nagambie Healthcare have in place for medical centre patients, hospital patients, nursing home, hostel residents, volunteer workers and visitors.

Dr Atif stressed to not panic and use common sense.“On a personal basis locals are encouraged to wash their face and hands often every day. Do not shake hands, or cough or sneeze near other people where possible; try to not attend places where many people are expected,” Dr Atif said.“Try to stay away from people who have been abroad recently but if that happens then self isolate where possible for an isolation period.” Dr Atif’s practise is following guidelines set by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).


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