• Sri Lankan cricketers excited to play for Euroa

    Sri Lankan Cricketers 6Nov19
    EXCITED TO PLAY: All-rounders Mahesh Priyadarshana and Sham Dadallage have settled into playing for Euroa’s A Grade team and have enjoyed all that Euroa have had to offer since arriving one month ago.

    TWO Sri Lankan cricketers have taken up the opportunity to play cricket in Euroa, travelling from their home country to play in the Euroa Cricket Club’s A grade side for this year’s cricket season.

    Mahesh Priyadarshana and Sham Dadallage are both all-rounders and huge lovers of cricket and have played for local sides and represented the Sri Lankan police in first class cricket games in the country’s capital city Colombo and elsewhere.

    “I work in the police force in Sri Lanka and it’s a great thing to be involved in their cricket team so much that I have in 2017 was the second highest weekend team in our provincial competition,” Mr Priyadarshana told the Gazette.

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