All sides have a win

WEB BowlsEuroa4115 pe c5 20191028
NOW GUYS, THIS IS THE PLAN: Skipper, Neville Harris, discusses team strategies with team mates, Richard Noble (left) and David Llewellyn (right).

IT was a very good week for the Euroa bowlers this past week as the Saturday bowlers all won their matches and joined the midweek bowlers with their successes as they all won also.

Division one played Hill Top at Euroa and won their match by two shots – 93/91.K Sutcliffe (s), S Drysdale, L Fischer, K Kruse defeated R Locke 26/18.

T Kingma (s), J Groat, W Tiller, B Jennings defeated J Spedding 23/21.W O’Connor (s), D Cerini, L Coking, B Doherty defeated J Marsters 26/25.

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