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    LOW FLYOVER: A frightened and disoriented horse ran into a fence post incurring scars on its legs and Ms Jamieson a vet fee of $600, caused by AusNet's low flying helicopter.

    A RESIDENT of Ruffy wants answers after low flying helicopters startled horses near her dwelling, costing her $600 in vet bills after one of those horses injured itself after being frightened.

    Ruffy resident Kerrie Jamieson claims that a helicopter belonging to Victorian electricity distributor AusNet flew dangerously close to her home so much that it shook its foundations on Wednesday July 10.

    “It felt like it was landing on the roof and so I got out of the shower, got dressed and the helicopter was either right above the house and I said to them ‘what the hell?’ with my hands up in the air,” Ms Jamieson said.

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