• Rental changes are coming into effect

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    RENTAL AWARENESS: Real estate agent for Euroa Landmark Christine Ford, who believes tenants and landlords should start being aware of the impact of forthcoming rent reforms.

    LOCAL real estate agents are asking both tenants and landlords in the Euroa district to be aware of the more than 90 new rental reforms progressively coming into effect by July 2020.

    The reforms were passed in the Victorian Parliament by the Andrews Government in September last year and have been touted as the strongest protections for renters in the country.

    New regulations will include setting minimum standards that will be applied to all rental properties, which must be adhered to by landlords.

    “The full details are available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website, but some of them include the type of door locks, fly screens, heating & air conditioning,” real estate agent for Euroa Landmark, Christine Ford told the Gazette.

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