• Locals rally for climate at city strike

    WEB Climate Change Walk 20Mar19 pe c5 20190318
    MAKING A STAND: Phillip Siems (back, left) Rebecca Swift, Sally Mann, Samadhi Alexander, Akeidha Alexander, Alisoun Townsend, Johnno Townsend, Suzie Bates, Nick Lester, Peter Brady, Sue Ablitt; (front) Sonny Lester, Elena Lester and Shirley Saywell.

    THE Melbourne Climate Strike drew a huge crowd, estimated at over 20,000, with local students, parents and supporters of the action travelling by train from the North East to participate.

    Samadhi, a 12 year old student from Beechworth said “the reason I went to the Climate Strike was because I care about the future and if we don’t do anything about climate change humans could die”.

    Akeidha, 15, also from Beechworth said “I strike because my future mattes to me.”“I don’t want to live in a world where sickness, hurricanes and bushfires are an everyday thing.

    “I strike because together we have the power and strength to change our fate”.

    In Australia, an estimated 150,000 people took part in rallies in 60 different locations.

    The School Strike 4 Climate movement had three goals: to stop Queensland’s Adani coal mine, to ban new fossil fuel exploration, and to have Australia commit to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

    Local Suzie Bates participated in the rally and said she travelled to the Climate Strike in Melbourne on Friday to support students because they understand science and the science on global warming paints a very bleak future for their generation.

    “They want change and they want it now,  while we still have a chance to limit global warming to 2 degrees,” Ms Bates said.

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