• Difficult terrain makes it difficult at Avenel bushfire

    WEB Avenel Fire 3 13Mar19 pe c6 20190311
    FRONT LINE: Snap of fire taken by a crew member on site.

    A FIRE in Avenel has continued to burn throughout the weekend, after it was first started by a band of lightening on Friday March 1.

    Crews from District 22, District 12, District 23 and District 2 have been on scene at the Boorola homestead on Tarcombe Road over the weekend, where 205 hectares of land has already burnt.

    CFA members have successfully been extinguishing a lot of active fire and hot spots, despite the difficult terrain and narrow access points.

    Seymour Public Information Officer Sandra O’Connor spoke to The Euroa Gazette and said the location of the fire has made it incredibly difficult for any CFA crews or members to get close to the actual fire.

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