• Kids back in the school yard

    Back To School 2 06Feb19
    ALL SMILES: St John's newly enrolled preps were excited to get into the classroom as they sat alongside principal Paul Maher.

    UNIFORMS were put back out on the ironing board last week, as several students began school around the region.

    For some it was the very first time they would step into an unfamiliar school ground, as new preps made their way through the gates and year sevens took the big step into secondary schooling.

    This year, around 992,400 students will attend a Victorian school with 554,200 primary and 420,500 secondary students.

    With 81,600 preps starting school around Victoria, first time students at both Euroa Primary School and St John’s Primary school were eager to get through the doors.

    Euroa Primary had 18 new preps entering the school gates last Thursday morning, some with teary goodbyes and other’s ready to pave the way into their schooling life.

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