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    P1 Course Offers 23Jan19
    GETTING AN OFFER EUROA Secondary graduates John Bennett, Declan Redfern, Zara Hinss and Brooke McIntosh all received first round offers to university when they were announced for Victorian students last week.

    THE anxious wait for many Victorian students is now over with the release of first round university and TAFE offers now available.

    Last week 51,638 main round offers had been made to students for undergraduate and vocational courses.

    Euroa students John Bennett, Declan Redfern, Zara Hinss and Brooke McIntosh were all thrilled to have received their first round offers and are looking forward to making their next plans.

    Ms McIntosh is heading to Latrobe University in Shepparton to undertake a Nursing degree, saying she looks forward to the challenge ahead of her.

    “I felt very grateful to have got an offer from there as it was always where I really wanted to go,” Ms McIntosh said.

    “I’m very passionate about becoming a nurse so I can’t wait to get started.”

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