• Euroa electorate continues its buzz for solar energy

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    KEEPING IT CLEAN: John Young (Tiger Solar) and David Kennett alongside the Strathbogie Golf Club's new solar invertor.

    ANOTHER sporting club has jumped on board the renewable bandwagon in the Strathbogie Shire, installing a 6.48kw system.

    Strathbogie Golf Club is the latest club to install the panels in the area, joining several other sporting precincts including memorial oval and Euroa bowls club who have installed solar.

    With the installation of the panels now contributing to the golf club’s energy source, they should see their return on investment in just under four years, with half of their energy if utilised, contributing by solar each day.

    Like all small sporting clubs, plenty of fundraising went on behind the scenes and Strathbogie Golf Club president David Kennett said that it’s very hard to raise money so when they spend it, it has to be a very wise and thought out decision.

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