• Coalition commits to stage three of Euroa Saleyard redevelopment, if elected

    steph ryan
    Steph Ryan (MLA, Euroa)

    THE Liberal Nationals Coalition has committed to fund the third stage of the Euroa Saleyards redevelopment if elected to government at the November 24 state election.

    Deputy leader of The Nationals and local member Steph Ryan (MLA, Euroa) will make the $325,000 announcement for stage three of the project at today’s sale.

    Key features of stage three development will include further roofing over pens, new pens in the existing pen area, new scales and relocation of the D1 loading ramp.

    Ms Ryan emphasised that agriculture remains one of the biggest industries in the region, employing more than 800 residents.

    “The Euroa saleyards can handle up to 3500 head of cattle a day, making it a major hub for farmers and buyers across our region,” Ms Ryan said.

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