• Households need to take charge of waste

    WASTE NOT: Council urges resident to keep an eye on their use of packaged products.

    LIKE all local councils across the country (and indeed, across the globe) the Shire of Strathbogie is continuing to grapple with the uncertainty placed on the recycling industry after China stopped importing unsorted recycling products earlier this year.

    Unlike other local governments, however, contractors Visy have not told this council that they will cease taking in recycling at this point.

    Shire waste engineer Darren Ritchie, told The Euroa Gazette that although it was ‘business as usual’ for the time being, people need to start thinking about ways to heavily reduce their reliance on both recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

    “We need to start shifting the way we think about using things like single-use plastic containers, and we need to start now,” he said.

    “We basically have a three tiered way of thinking about trying to lessen our reliance on these things; avoid, reduce and recycle.

    “If we can’t avoid using them, we have to reduce how often we do. When we do have to use them, we make sure we recycle it as best we can.

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