• Calls for Royal Commission

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    CRUCIAL TO OUR WATERWAYS: Forests, like those in Strathbogie, are crucial for the capture and storage of rainwater, as well as for the absorption of carbon dioxide.

    THE Hazardous Chemical (Statewide) Network is calling for a Royal Commission into what it believes to be an environmental crisis happening right across the state’s water catchments.

    The call for the Royal Commission is being led by a group of North East residents who have seen the effects of continued clearing, burning and chemical spraying.

    The Strathbogie state forest is a crucial water source for personal use, farming and industry and is currently being cleared of native vegetation.

    The forest is not only a major water catchment but also provides vital habitat for native fauna, many of which are classified as ‘endangered’.

    The native forest that remains is vital as it serves as rain ‘harvesting’ and also converts carbon dioxide to oxygen.

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