• Resident drops off grenade to police station

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    BOMB SCARE: Kirkland Avenue has been cordoned off and people evacuated after a ‘light grenade’ was handed into police. PHOTO: Will Murray

    THE Bomb Squad has been called to Kirkland Avenue in Euroa, after what was described as a ‘light grenade’ was dropped in to the Euroa Police Station on Tuesday morning.

    The Euroa Kindergarten and homes along the section of Kirkland Avenue between Bury and Brock streets have been evacuated, and the road cordoned off by police while they await the arrival of specialist teams from Melbourne.

    Senior Constable Pat Storer said there was ‘no sinister intent’ behind the grenade being given to police.

    “A resident has found the old grenade and been advised to hand it in to police,” he told The Euroa Gazette.

    “This resident wasn’t aware that you shouldn’t bring something like this into a police station, and although the pin was still in the grenade, we have to take precautions.

    “The kindergarten kids have been evacuated to the nearby Euroa Community Cinema, and residents have also been asked to leave while this is sorted out.”

    Constable Storer said it could take upwards of two hours before the area is made safe.

    In the meantime, the area will remained close to the public, and people are asked to respect the cordon.

    “People need to also be reminded not to take potentially explosive items into police stations,” Constable Storer added.

    “This was a very old light grenade, but it’s still potentially very dangerous, so please, if anyone finds something similar, ring us instead.”

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