• Protesters attempt to blockade forest

    Logging 9
    YOU SHALL NOT PASS: Protesters block Barjarg Road, preventing the logging machinery from accessing the to-be-harvested coupe at Barjarg Flat in the Strathbogie Forest.

    LOGGING began again in the Strathbogie Forest last week, despite the best efforts of protesters trying to prevent harvesting equipment from reaching the site.

    More than 30 people made the dawn drive through the forest along Barjarg Road, Strathbogie on Wednesday morning, past the proposed logging site at Barjarg Flat coupe, parking their cars on the narrow windy road to prevent trucks carrying machinery from Mansfield from entering the forest.

    Upon seeing the protesters forming a barrier against accessing the coupe, the truck carrying the machinery was forced to turn around and head back to Mansfield for the day, but not before taking pictures of the registration numbers of each car stopped on the road.

    “I’m not talking to any of you,” the driver said as he went about taking photos with his phone.

    “I’ve just been told to photograph and leave.”

    The protesters said they were there to halt the timber harvesting operations within the mature forests, which they say contain a number of endangered species found almost nowhere else; including the Greater Glider, Koala, and the threatened Powerful Owl.

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