• Ammunition factory rejected by councillors


    THE planning application submitted by PCM Enviro to build an ammunition factory and shooting curtain along Halsall’s Lane, Creightons Creek has been rejected by the Shire of Strathbogie councillors.

    The developers of the proposed factory planned to utilise used lead collected from other shotgun shell-using sites around the country to create new shells on the site.

    While PCM said that the facility would adhere to very strict safety standards, the application was met with stern opposition from local landholders and concerned nearby residents, who argued the facility would increase the risk of fire and lead contamination.

    This resulted in more than 60 objections to the proposal being lodged with the Shire of Strathbogie prior to the vote.

    Given the nearest household was just 180 metres away from the proposed site, the planning committee was tasked with considering whether or not the establishment of the factory would ‘adversely affect the amenity of the neighbourhood, including through the appearance of any stored goods or materials, and the emission of noise, artificial light, vibrations, fumes and waste products’.

    In light of the factory’s use of potentially hazardous materials, and the nature of the final product, the committee also had to consider, under the Victorian Planning Act, that ‘if not designed and located appropriately, this industry may cause offence or unacceptable risk to the neighbourhood’.

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