• No teeth-protecting fluoride for Strathbogie

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    HEALTH CONCERNS: The Shire of Strathbogie, except Avenel, is part of the 10 per cent of Victoria that does not have fluoride in the drinking water.

    LAST week the Gazette published a letter concerning the fact that while 90 per cent of Victoria has access to fluoridated water, most towns in the Shire of Strathbogie (except Avenel) do not have fluoride in the drinking water.

    Following up on this letter, the Gazette has found that this is indeed the case, and that the Department of Health and Human Services, who direct local water authorities- in this case, Goulburn Valley Water- to add the substance to the water where they see fit.

    Tooth decay occurs when acid corrodes the outer surface of the tooth. Mouth bacteria produce this acid from sugary food and drinks.

    Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound that helps to strengthen the tooth’s mineral structure.

    Fluoride repairs the tooth in the early stages of tooth decay before it becomes permanent.

    The Victorian Government’s health services website points to research into the benefits of the fluoridation of drinking water.

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