• Kelly’s bridge gets strengthened

    KELLY’S ALMOST COMPLETE: Works to Kelly’s bridge on Creightons Creek Road are nearing completion. Final works to the guardrail are due to be completed in the coming weeks. PHOTO: Strathbogie Shire Council

    WORKS to the Creightons Creek Road Bridge, also known as Kelly’s bridge, are now almost completed.

    The bridge deck has been strengthened with a structural concrete deck overlay, to provide unlimited use, raising it from the previous 30 tonne limit. 

    The pavement ramps on both approaches have been extended to better cater for the rise in levels, now also correcting the undulations in the pavement.
    Some final works will involve an extension to the guardrail on the northern departure, to provide a safer roadside next to the steep embankment.
    These works will not involve road closures and are likely to be completed over a two day period during the next three weeks depending on weather conditions.   

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